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Proteins are like humans; they aren't created equal. Some proteins are loaded with fillers, thickeners and artificial sweeteners which helps keep the price down for the company but it delivers a sub-standard product to you. We don't believe in fillers or delivering a sub-standard product to increase our margins.


Our PROTEIN is loaded with the purest protein we could find, it is gluten free and 100% natural.  


Why Protein

So many people just don't get enough protein in their diet day to day. Being able to keep your protein intake high allows your body to stay lean. This is because the body releases the "I'm full" hormone whenever protein or fat is ingested, so your snacking cravings are decreased. We understand consuming protein in every meal can be hard due to work restrictions, location, travel or cooking facilities, so we decided to make life easier and give you the ultimate solution. HOWEVER, proteins aren't all created equal and we have tweaked our formula so you get the best quality and our protein is 100% natural from grass fed cows in New Zealand pastures. 


Key Features

  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Natural
  • High BCAA Complex for recovery
  • 30.5g Protein per serve


  • 100% undenatured pure whey protein isolate
  • Natural vanilla flavour
  • Stevia

 Contains NO artificial colours or flavours.


Mix 35g (approximately 2 scoop) of Protein with 200-250ml of water and consume within 20 minutes post exercise.

To boost the protein content of meals not containing enough protein, simply mix 35g (approximately 1 scoop) of Protein with 300-400ml of water and consume with your meal.

Protein can be consumed with full cream or skim milk if desired, but we recommend consuming it with water as this keeps the calories down and it tastes great too!